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TurboBelt 500 TPXL: Voith Introduces New Coupling Generation for Intelligent Driving of Belt Conveyor Systems

The TurboBelt 500 TPXL coupling is the first model in the new TPXL family, which combines the advantages of the proven hydrodynamic drive principle with intelligent control technology. The integrated controller makes it possible to adapt the output torque of the coupling exactly to the startup parameters of the belt conveyor system. In addition, Voith's engineers have been able to considerably reduce the dimensions of the new coupling, so that the TurboBelt 500 TPXL only requires half the volume of conventional coupling types for the same force transmission. In addition to the operational advantages, the new series of couplings also offers attractive procurement and operating costs.

Benefits and uses:
*Load-free motor run-up
*Smaller and lighter (approx. 50%) than comparable couplings
*Higher power transfer (approx. 100%) compared to couplings of the same size
*Allows unlimited sequential loaded starts
*Protects the drive in case of an overload
*Protects system components - the service life of your system increases
*Robust and unsusceptible to environmental influences
*Wear-free power transmission
*Reduced maintenance and repair work
*Automatic load sharing in multi-motor drives protects your motor against overload
*Innovative speed & torque control logic (TurboBelt 500 TPXL)
*Self-diagnosis functions & remote maintenance (TurboBelt 500 TPXL)
*Sequential startup of the motors reduces the load on the supply circuit

Exhibitor: PT Voith Turbo

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