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Kinshofer attachments ideal for wide range of materials from scrap to biomass

KINSHOFER offers a wide range of attachments, from tiny cable buckets for landscaping construction excavators with just 1-t operating weight, up to giant clamshell buckets and monstrous scrap shears for excavators with up to 100-t operating weight. For handling biomass on industrial or harbour sites, choosing the right attachment for the job depends on the kind of “mass” you want to grab. Wherever giant cranes, pneumatic vacuum elevators (grain blowers) or conveyors are not available or possible, classical grabbing devices should be the first choice. Attached to an excavator, their mobility makes them extra attractive.

For dry bulk biomass like grains, saw dust or wood pellets, KINSHOFER offers C-series grabs: regular clamshell buckets with larger shells for excavators with an operating weight from 1 tonne to 18 tonnes, as well as the re-handling and industrial clamshell buckets for excavators with an operating weight from 18 tonnes to 80 tonnes. Driven by regular hydraulic cylinder(s), or with the C40HPX, by a revolutionary HPXdrive: units are extra compact, with extra long lifetime with just an absolute minimum of maintenance needed.

For biomass including agricultural waste, turf, bark mulch, twigs, small branches or waste wood with particles and parts of different sizes where penetrating tines are ideal for grabbing material, KINSHOFER offers orange peel grabs in the P-series for excavators with an operating weight from 16 tonnes to 80 tonnes.

For biomass such as mixed bio waste, waste wood mixed up with soil or fine gravel, as well as for wet biomass like water plants, the selector grabs of KINSHOFER’s D-series are optimal. The shells are perforated to let water, dust and gravel through; for excavators with an operating weight from 1 tonne to 80 tonnes.

For forestry biomass, especially waste logs or larger branches, KINSHOFER offers specialized wood and timber grabs in the T-series, for excavators with an operating weight from 3 tonnes to 100 tonnes.

Exhibitor: Kinshofer GmbH

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