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econ industries offers worldwide leading solutions for the recovery of resources from hazardous industrial wastes and contaminated soils.

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econ industries offers solutions for the treatment of industrial hazardous wastes and contaminated soil. econ’s aim is to avoid the elimination of waste through incineration and landfilling but to achieve a resource-conserving material recycling instead. econs VacuDry® technology separates harmful substances in a fully encapsulated system under heat and vacuum. This method is far superior to other thermal desorption techniques, especially regarding energy efficiency and low carbon emissions. Tailor-made research, development, consulting, engineering, delivery and commissioning are econs core competencies. They can call upon over 20 years of experience in industrial and recycling plant construction. Its waste treatment technology is able to recover e.g. 100% of valuable drilling fluids, metal sludge, mercury and hydrocarbon pollutions and many others. This leads to a profitable hazardous waste recycling process and minimum impact to the environment.

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Products and services

econ´s technology is flexible to deal with all typical industrial waste consistencies with a boiling point < 450°C such as mercury, drilling fluids and oily sludges. The VacuDry® sytem is available in different sizes with different throughput capacities, from 200kg/h to 6t/h. Worldwide EPA acceptance guaranteed. Min. 4 x higher energy efficiency compared to other desorber types

Complementary technologies:
PyroPlas® - Plasma Arc Destruction for the destruction of high hazard and toxic wastes like ODSs, SDGs, POPs with automated operation.

Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit for on-site excess mercury conversion. Mercury is converted to stable and non-toxic HgS and packed for final disposal.

High temperature treatment unit for industrial scale treatment of spent catalysts and other mercury and sulphur containing wastes.

Mercury Waste Treatment Centre

The mercury waste treatment centre has been set-up by an oil and gas service company following the high demand of major oil and gas companies for local waste management solutions. Prior to the establishment of the treatment centre, waste had to be shipped to be finally disposed of 13 000 km from the waste source. This involved complicated and expensive waste notification and shipment procedures through a dozen countries.

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Drill Cuttings Treatment Centre XXL

Oil&gas companies in Azerbaijan engaged econ industries to design and build the world’s largest recycling facility for drilling mud. It's located south of Baku and consists of two VacuDry® 12,000 x 2 plants, capable of treating 240 tons of drilling mud daily. The plants were manufactured in Germany and from there shipped to Azerbaijan for erection and commissioning in 2016. The complete scope was managed and supervised by econ’s engineers who also trained local staff for the 3-shift operation.

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Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit

econ industries is the only company worldwide, offering on-site excess mercury conversion. Mercury is converted to stable and non-toxic HgS and packed for final disposal. It provides the safest and most transparent method of excess mercury disposal. 

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News & Innovations

Safe mercury disposal? Not a problem with econ's mobile mercury conversion unit.

For the second time, econ industries have successfully completed a mercury stabilization project for safe mercury disposal. Already in mid-2018, econ successfully neutralized excess mercury at a chlor-alkali electrolysis site in Eastern Europe. The neutralized material was subsequently disposed of in an ordered and professional manner, in-keeping with all recognised protocols. The second campaign also led the econ team to a chlor-alkali electrolysis site, this time in England.

Following the conversion of the elemental mercury to mercury sulphide on-site, through the direct, professional packaging and subsequent transport for final storage at an underground storage facility, our customer could check and control the whereabouts of the mercury during the treatment, shipment and storage process. Hence any concerns regarding potential illegal mercury export could be safely mitigated against. This represents an important argument for the compliance departments of both customers, where transparency, and a secure liability management is of the utmost importance. This is also a strong argument for the treatment and stabilisation of mercury on-site under controlled conditions.

In this way, econ has removed more than 500 tons of toxic mercury from the economic cycle and disposed of it safely in a very short time.

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econ industries opened a branch in Melbourne

econ industries is focussed in delivering ‘Best Practice’ solutions for the recovery of resources from hazardous industrial waste and contaminated soil. econ industries are working towards a cleaner future by creating effective alternatives to landfilling and waste incineration. This strategic, geographical expansion is to support econs activities and enhance the presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Together with its geographical expansion econ adds a new technology to its portfolio: PyroPlas® - Plasma Arc Destruction. With the technologies and key personnel added to econ industries group, the company will further improve and develop their technologies, their complementary uses and service offerings to its international clients. This expansion will further enhance econ industries’ position as a market leader in the treatment of hazardous wastes towards its vision of – Zero Industrial Waste!

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Award Winners of the Bavarian Export Prize 2018

econ industries have held the Bavarian Export Prize in the category services since November 2018. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs awards this prize yearly to small and medium Bavarian companies who have excelled in doing business on foreign markets. More than 90% of econs turnkey solutions for hazardous wastes are exported throughout the whole world.

From here on econ will continue to strive toward its primary objective‚ Zero Industrial Waste…!‘. Through this the transfer of econs specialist know-how regarding the operation of process-facilities whilst saving energy, protecting the climate and creating new jobs for the local workforce can be pursued.

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