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HAZEMAG is a highly specialized technology partner, offering -among other industries- the mining industry diverse and technically proven solutions for a vast array of applications.

About us

HAZEMAG is a global partner, delivering sustainable success to the markets which we serve, backed by an extensive history in product innovation, application experience and engineering excellence. HAZEMAG underlines its international presence with offices in Europe, North & South America, China, South Africa, Australia, India & Morocco; working in conjunction and with a single focus - the success of our customers.

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Products and services

HBL Boring Loader
HDF 1 Single-boom Drill Jumbo
HDL 300 Dinting Loader
HDT 1 Drilling Jumbo
HDT 2 Twin-boom Drill Jumbo
HFB Feeder Breaker HHC Chain Conveyors
HHI Horizontal Impact Roll Crusher
HLH 400/110 Long-hole drilling equipment
HME 200 Multi-purpose Shaft Excavator
HMF Multi-Functional Machine
HMF 600 Multi-Functional Loader
HMF 800 Multi-functional Machine
HMF 1200 Multi-Functional Loader
HRE Roadheading Excavator
HSL Side-tipping Loader
HRC Roll Crusher
HCS Center Sizer / HSS Side Sizer
HRS Roller Screen / HVW VARIOwobbler
HSL 2000 Side-dump Loader
HSL 500 Side-tipping Loader
HTS 4 Hand-Held Drilling Machine

HAZEMAG Feeder Breaker | HFB

The HAZEMAG Feeder Breaker HFB is a complete horizontal roll crushing plant, which works according to the field-proven principle of crushing in the horizontal material flow. The HFB allows at-grade material feeding without pit or hopper, it crushes feed material to suitable size for belt conveyor transport directly on mining site and allows high efficient quarry operation due to at-front crushing.
Main advantages:
• Crushing of feed material to suitable size for belt conveyor transport directly at the face
• At-degreese material feeding
• Set-up without foundation
• Highly mobile
• Variable length of chain conveyor
• Arrangement of picks depending on task

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HAZEMAG Wobbler Feeders | HRS

In recent years conventional roller screens proved more and more successfully as sturdy and effective organs for the screening of fines in the feed material of crushing plants.
On the roller screen the separation surface is formed by rotating disc-fitted rollers, which transport the material fed in, circulate and loosen it. The separation of the fines is effected in the gap between the individual rollers whilst the coarse material is transported via the screen into the overflow. The form of the discs as a polygon supports the material conveyance.
The compact design, resulting from the horizontal material flow, as well as a multitude of options permit the application in many ranges – above as well as underground. Plants of this type are suited for coal and other different operations.

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HAZEMAG Center Sizer | HCS

Center Sizers are typically used in applications in which fines need to be limited. They are often also associated with the need to deal or solve the processing concerns associated with difficult materials. Due to its design and open passage system; allowing all fines to pass very quickly, sizers can be very compact while reaching very high capacities.

The HAZEMAG Sizer is engineered and designed for success; for example:
• Low specific energy demand
• High to very high throughput rate
• Intelligent design
• Simple & safe maintenance
• Flexibility: various crushing segments
• Cubicle product with minimal fines

Also available as Side Sizer | HSS

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