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Safe mercury disposal? Not a problem with econ's mobile mercury conversion unit.

For the second time, econ industries have successfully completed a mercury stabilization project for safe mercury disposal. Already in mid-2018, econ successfully neutralized excess mercury at a chlor-alkali electrolysis site in Eastern Europe. The neutralized material was subsequently disposed of in an ordered and professional manner, in-keeping with all recognised protocols. The second campaign also led the econ team to a chlor-alkali electrolysis site, this time in England.

Following the conversion of the elemental mercury to mercury sulphide on-site, through the direct, professional packaging and subsequent transport for final storage at an underground storage facility, our customer could check and control the whereabouts of the mercury during the treatment, shipment and storage process. Hence any concerns regarding potential illegal mercury export could be safely mitigated against. This represents an important argument for the compliance departments of both customers, where transparency, and a secure liability management is of the utmost importance. This is also a strong argument for the treatment and stabilisation of mercury on-site under controlled conditions.

In this way, econ has removed more than 500 tons of toxic mercury from the economic cycle and disposed of it safely in a very short time.

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Exhibitor: econ industries services GmbH


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